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Smart people need smart solutions

Leading design consultant Lori Pinkerton-Rolet and negotiation expert Charles Crawford offer a mediation and problem-solving service for designers, architects, broadcasters, advertisers, software developers, publishers, writers and others in the creative industries

The problem

  • You work in the creative industries and you have a problem with colleagues in the workplace or a business client

Your options

  • Don’t solve the problem – let events take their course
  • Allow someone who doesn’t know you (an arbitrator or judge) to decide the result in court or at a tribunal, at great expense
  • Bring in a negotiation expert or mediator to help sort things out privately and discreetly, avoiding cost and stress

The solution

  • We are independent problem-solvers and mediators
  • We give private advice to help you manage disputes and problems skilfully
  • We help you structure convincing arguments and presentations in a dispute or professional negotiation
  • We help you identify what’s important – and what really matters