Asking and listening

pie 150sqWhy mediation?

Why not mediation?

Taking issues to court or letting them fester wastes time and money and erodes relationships. Mediation helps you control your issues and costs. Above all, you choose outcomes you prefer

Why do you work as a co-mediation team? Isn’t that adding expense?

The best mediations not only solve the immediate problem – they help the parties achieve emotional closure as well. A co-mediation team approach helps reach that ideal outcome

Working as a female/male team helps us identify a full range of subtle nuances and move things along faster for the parties. Plus it avoids the usual mediation problem where one party is left alone for a good part of the process

We work as single mediators and problem-solving consultants if that is what clients prefer

Why do you focus on design, architecture and creative sectors?

Lori Pinkerton-Rolet has a strong professional career advantage here. She’s worked closely with architects, surveyors, graphic designers, photographers and other creative sector clients over many years through BIID, the South Coast Design Forum and Design Brighton

Charles Crawford’s international diplomatic background including negotiating with war crimes suspects in the Balkans lets him tackle problems of all shapes and sizes

Do you cover other types of mediation?

Yes. Lori Pinkerton-Rolet has significant experience within the care home sector. Charles Crawford’s experience lends itself to dispute resolution for a broad range of civil and commercial issues, and anything with an international angle. We can draw in other mediators or supporting experts with specific professional expertise

What are your fees?

Available on request, and agreed with each client according to the scale of the work required. We give a top professional service at a fee level that is fair and flexible

Are you covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Yes. Details available on request

Are you ready to discuss my issues privately but without commitment?

Of course. Please contact us to discuss what might work best in your case