Mediation Services for Legal Firms

Mediation with a difference

puzzle 150sqMediation can get stale and over-processed, which is the last thing that clients in the creative sectors need. We offer lawyers with clients in the creative industries a fresh style of mediating and problem-solving

We combine different professional disciplines to help clients settle disputes and achieve a welcome sense of emotional closure

The Problem

  • You are a lawyer with clients in the creative industries
  • Your client has a problem in the workplace or with a business partner that risks getting dragged into the courts or a tribunal
  • You want mediators who understand this sector and who relate confidently to the energetic people in it
  • You suspect your client’s problem will be solved only by mediators who are ready to speak privately and frankly about the issue

The Solution

  • We are professional mediators and independent problem-solvers
  • We listen carefully – and tell the parties what needs to be said to help them take the decisions needed
  • By working as a female/male team we identify subtle nuances that might otherwise be missed, and so move things along faster. This avoids the usual mediation problem where one party is left alone for a good part of the process
  • We help your clients identify what’s important – and what matters